Film lovers know how expensive it is to satisfy their love for movies. A dollar here, a dollar there and suddenly you have wracked up a massive bill at the end of the month.

Even more, many people immediately flock to OTT (Over-The-Top) platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and HBO for their movie needs only to lose hundreds of dollars each month when their subscription services go unwatched. It is just a complete waste of money!

This guide compiles the best free online movie services to help the frugal film lover find every movie they want at absolutely no cost.

These are not just cheap streaming services or pirate sites. At our recommended movie streaming sites like 123Movies and Vumoo, you can find high-quality, ad-free films without any sign-up requirements.

The Best Free Online Movies Sites

Depending on the type of streaming service you are looking for, this list compiles some of the most reliable and high-quality online movie streaming websites so you can narrow down your search and find what you are looking for.

YouTube Movies and Shows

Pros Cons
A wide variety, User-friendly Ads

Thousands of newly released movies can be accessed for free through YouTube Movies and Shows and there is no need for any payment whatsoever which makes this one of the best free online movie sites available!

YouTube Movies and Shows is so easy to navigate—especially if you are familiar with using regular YouTube Video. Although many of their movies are advertised to Buy or For Rent, there are endless movies that you can watch for free with the addition of ads.

Do not let ads deter you, though. With a little ad blocker, you can easily remove those ads and watch any movie with ease!

That means you can watch Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life without interruption or relax while your kids sit back and watch Minecraft into the Nether without worrying they will lose focus!

Plus, YouTube can be accessed on nearly any device and downloaded as an app from remotely any app store even on tablets which means this the absolute best free online movie site for on-the-go movie watching!


Pros Cons
High-quality, No sign-up Commercials and a limited selection

Crackle by SONY is an amazing streaming network with an endless selection of your favorite all-time classics like Gidget, Dennis the Menace, and more. They also have plenty of modern movies and are constantly updating their content.

Crackle is already installed in many Smart TVs and SONY devices which means you will already have it (and for free!). Even if you don’t have a Sony TV, you do not need an account with Crackle to watch free movies. Just head over to their website, find a movie you love, and start watching! The convenience of Crackle makes it a top selection on our list of the best free online movie sites.

There are a few downsides to Crackle starting with their movie selection which seems to be slightly limited. Despite being constantly updated, their movie selection is quite slim. There are no recent releases and most of their movies are a few years old. However, Crackle is a great option for folks who want a place to watch their classics free of cost or let out their laughs with a goofy movie like Piranhaconda!

Peacock TV

Pros Cons
An exclusive selection


Lots of ads

Before assuming this streaming service is paid-only, you should know that Peacock TV has free options as well that will give you just as much content without the cost! You are required to sign up but there is absolutely no credit-card entering commitment!

Peacock updates their inventory daily which means you have access to all-new, exclusive films without having to pay a penny! This is also the only place you can stream exclusive NBC content!

I really enjoy Peacock TV because of its exclusivity and wide free movie selection. Be aware that free movies do require ads, but I promise the small amount of time you sit through ads is totally worth it! You can also avoid watch ads entirely by using ad-blocking software.


Pros Cons
Available on iOS and Android,

Movies are High-Quality

Has ads,

Not everything is free,

Slim selection


Vudu is a streaming application that offers a wide variety of high-quality movies. From recent releases to old classics, Vudu has everything you can imagine plus more and for free, too! Just sign-up and go to the free section to start your endless movie marathon!

This is one of the best free online movie sites because the application can be downloaded and accessed on remotely any device imaginable! Because Vudu can be downloaded on nearly any smart device, it makes it the best app for on-the-go movie watching.

Unfortunately, not everything on Vudu is free to watch which means be careful where you scroll and never get too excited when you see something you have been dying to watch!

Although they have plenty of new release movies for free, a lot of their free options are either indie movies or are quite a few years old like Titanic 2 or Hungover Games which sort of makes the selection slim.

If you have an ad-blocker on your computer, you can easily avoid Vudu’s ads and watch your movies commercial-free. However, ads cannot be avoided on Vudu for TV or smartphone which can make Vudu a slightly less enjoyable experience than some of the others on this list.


Pros Cons
Customizable profile options,


Indie film and documentary movies only


This convenient streaming service is very similar to OTT platforms due to its sleek and easy-to-navigate design, however, there is no need for any credit card information or monthly payments here!

With Snagfilms, you are given access to all your favorite films without the high cost of OTT platforms. You can also create a profile and come back so you can pick up where you left off and revisit the movies you love!

The more you watch through Snagfilms, the more personalized your profile becomes. Eventually, you will begin receiving recommendations based on the movies you watched, which makes this free movie streaming service an absolute must for any frugal movie lover!

The only drawback to Snagfilms is that their selection is mainly independent films and documentaries. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it essentially means that you will not likely find Hollywood’s latest films here.

A benefit to this limited selection is that Snagfilms welcomes filmmakers to submit their own indie films and documentaries so they can be considered for upload!

Roku TV

Pros Cons
No user account is necessary Ads


Roku Channel is an easy-to-use application that typically comes pre-installed on your Roku device. This app has an endless selection of free movies to choose from and most of them are recent releases too!

Even if you do not have a Roku, the Roku Channel is still accessible through their online website and by using your mobile device. You can still get all the same high-quality movies and with no user account necessary.

Roku TV has endless movies options with classics like Space Jam and recent hits like Boss Baby! Roku TV is organized by genre and has every type of movie you can imagine so you are bound to find something for everyone.

Unfortunately, you will have to sit through a few commercials but that should not be a problem when you see what Roku TV has to offer. It is one of the most portable, free online movie streaming websites and the selection has everything from documentaries to comedies.


Pros Cons
A large movie selection



No recent releases

Tubi is the only way to get uncut movies online for free. On this website, you can stream everything from horror movies like the cult-classic House of Wax all the way to family movies like The My Little Pony Movie and everything in between (which is a lot!).

I really appreciate the interface of Tubi. It is convenient to use and easy to navigate for people of all ages. You can even register with a single click by linking your Tubi account with your Google account which makes it one of the easiest sign-ups on the list!

Unfortunately, Tubi is an ad-supported online movie website which means you will have to watch ads no matter what (there is no way around this except for downloading an ad-blocking software!).

Ads are totally not a big deal though. I promise the wide selection of movies on Tubi really makes up for the ads like the Academy Award Winning movie Bohemy Rhapdosy which you can watch for completely no charge whatsoever!

With great hits like these readily available, I promise you will not even notice the ads.


Pros Cons
Wide selection, no sign-up required Ads

Vumoo is a widely known video streaming service that lets you access some of the most exclusive and popular hits from OTT platforms free of charge!

There is no sign-up required which means you can start watching movies with the push of a button and the easy-to-navigate search bar makes finding the movie you want to watch easy and quick.

Vumoo offers a range of diverse movie collections including their Latino, Korean, and LGBTQ+ collections among many others which aim to ensure that every group and minority are accounted for! This representation makes Vumoo a truly iconic movie streaming platform and definitely one of the best free online movie sites!

Unfortunately, despite having a great layout and being totally user-friendly Vumoo is lacking in some areas. Vumoo is overloaded with advertisements and long ones too which can get really annoying during movie marathons. So, without an ad-blocker, you might wish you were not using this free site over some of the others on our list.


Pros Cons
Wide selection, Limited advertising


Lots of Bugs

MovieStars is a new streaming platform that has minimal ads and maximum movie titles! Although it has not been around for long, this free online movie site is taking the streaming industry by storm with its wide selection of movies and continuously updating library.

MovieStars is completely user-friendly with a navigation bar at the top of their site which makes finding your perfect movie effortless. You do not even have to sign up to watch your movie either, just find a movie, click, and watch –it is that simple!

Unlike many of the other free online movie sites on our list, MovieStars is very limited in the number of ads they show which makes it an ideal streaming platform and there is not much to dislike about MovieStars. They have new releases, big-name titles, and even all-time favorites!

Popular titles like Gozilla vs. Kong, Shiva Baby, and Rebel are only some of the few featured films that are available, completely free on MovieStars.

Every day MovieStars updates their library with hundreds of new, free titles and they are all ready to watch without entering any credit card information!

The Breakdown of the Best Free Online Movie Sites

Just because you can use a streaming site for free does not mean they will have ample choices. Luckily, this guide has gone through every online streaming platform to help you find the best free online movie sites so you can watch quality movies at no cost!

Many free online movie streaming sites will offer movies for free except ads. To get around this dilemma, you should just install a trusted ad-blocker (in addition to your antivirus and VPN) to remove those pesky ads and watch your movie uninterrupted!

Whether you are searching for realistic historical fiction or dramatic tragedies, there is a free movie streaming site for everyone and all it takes is finding the right one for you.

Depending on what type of service you are looking for, this list of the best free online movie sites breaks down what makes each of these sites the best for watching the entertainment you love!


How Do I Choose a Free Movie Streaming Site?

Go by your personal preferences and choose something that suits your convenience. You never want to use a website that offers free trials and asks you for credit card information.

They will most likely charge you after a “trial” period. Instead, use sites that never ask for your credit card or do not require a sign-in at all!

Is It Safe to Use Free Online Movie Sites?

The safety of the sites you use depends entirely on the safety measures you have in place. I always recommend that you have antivirus and a VPN installed when using any third-party software.

ExpressVPN is great, military-grade security that places a nice layer of protection between you and any third parties you may encounter trying to steal your precious data.

Can I get in Trouble for Watching Free Movies?

Legally speaking, you can get penalized for watching copyrighted films which is why it is important to use approved websites that rightfully own the content they are streaming.

It is also helpful to use a VPN when streaming off risky websites. A VPN can protect you from having important data sold while using risky free online movie sites.

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