Frugality is defined as being economical with food and money, or as being “thrifty.”

Today, being thrifty is both intelligent and beneficial for the planet. If you’re considering making the transition to a life of frugality, you might be wondering how to get started.

What is considered thrifty? Are there any guidelines? How does one make the switch in the first place?

Luckily, people have been living frugally for as long as man has walked the Earth, and some of them have YouTube channels! These YouTube channels are from experts who are here to help others be frugal.

Nine Great Frugal YouTube Channels to Help You Save

So, without further ado, here are a few of the best frugal YouTube channels to help you get started and improve your frugal living routine.

Coupon Star

As the name suggests, Coupon Star is centered around couponing. No, not extreme couponing, but simply using available coupons and learning how to make the most of them.

Some of her most popular videos are her ever-helpful “Free; Cheap Grocery Hauls,” during which she showcases what she got (for free or cheap) and how she got the items for such great prices.

The host is Canadian, which makes her stand out from most of the other coupon-wielding channels on the platform. If you’re Canadian, this channel is especially beneficial since it gives you an idea of what you can do with coupons in your country, which is much stricter when it comes to couponing.

The Frugal Chef

The Frugal Chef, hosted by Mary Ann, is a great go-to channel for anyone who wants to learn how to eat healthy on a tiny budget.

On her channel, Mary Ann shares delicious recipes and cooking tips that help you save money at the grocery store. She utilizes essential, affordable ingredients and handy preparation tips to make the most of everything you have in front of you.

Her videos are in English; however, she has a separate playlist with recipes and tips in Spanish so that non-English speakers can benefit from the information, too.

Southern Savers

With a slogan like “saving made easy,” it’s easy to assume that Southern Savers will save you money.

This channel is dedicated to the various ways to save, which includes but certainly isn’t limited to couponing. Southern Savers has several good playlists covering everything from “The Basics of Saving” and ” Money Saving Mobile Apps” to couponing at specific retailers and types of stores.

The videos on this channel are in-depth and detail about her processes, thoughts, and opinions on frugal living. There’s genuinely a bit of everything on this channel, which makes it well worth a look.

House of Aqua

Home decorator Kelly runs House of Aqua. Her channel features everything and anything to do with home decorating — with a budget-friendly spin.

Her most popular frugal videos are her Zero Dollar Decorating Challenges, challenges in which she redecorates rooms in her home using decor and odds and ends from other rooms. She effectively saves herself money and gives new life to the room in question.

She also showcases her thrifting habits, incorporating thrift, second-hand finds into her videos whenever possible. Basically, through her videos, Kelly helps viewers learn how to shop smarter, saving money whenever possible. She also proves that second-hand items are often just as valuable as those on the shelves in IKEA.


Hip2Save is both a YouTube channel and website, both of which are run by a mother of three, Collin Morgan. She posts live vlogs of her shopping excursions to show viewers how she scores excellent deals on everyday items.

In addition to money-saving tips, she shares miscellaneous tips that can help you save time. For example, she once shared that you could have the deli department slice up your whole chicken for you at certain stores before you take it home.

Collin is friendly and relatable, as well as very responsive to comments and questions. She’s very open with her struggles and happy to share her hard-learned lessons with viewers.

Pretty Frugal Living

Are you looking to “pretty up” your frugal lifestyle? Look no further than Amrita at Pretty Frugal Living.

On her channel, she offers everything from making DIY household cleaners to DIY home decor that costs much less than buying store-bought decor. She also posts food videos, during which she shares her tips and tricks for creating delicious, authentic Indian food cheaply.

One handy video she has is her “Everyday Frugal Living Tips” video. In this handy video, she shares with viewers a few easy ways to assess the value of an item, making it easier to decide whether you need it, therefore, saving you money. This video is ideal for helping you curb over-spending and spontaneous purchases.

Her videos and short and sweet — perfect for your five-minute break at work.

Lydia Senn

Lydia Senn’s channel, Lydia Senn, is centered around her journey to becoming debt-free. It has playlists on playlists of money-saving videos and tips to help you maintain the balance in your account.

Topics she covers include saving money while in college, good saving habits, budgeting, money-saving apps, saving money on groceries and essentials, and cheap and easy meals. One of her videos even goes into depth on whether the “buy now pay later” option that many online retailers offer is a good idea or not.

Lydia posts weekly, and each video is jam-packed with information. You’ll find a bit of everything here.

The Budget Millennial

Australian YouTuber Angie is the owner and operator of The Budget Millennial, a frugal, thrifty, and ever-green channel.

Angie’s platform goes into detail about budgeting, taking viewers through the process step-by-step so that they can be successful. It also delves into the world of grocery shopping on a budget, saving for large purchases, and combing finances with a long-term partner.

In addition, though, she does fun frugal videos such as grocery hauls, investing, buying and getting creative with makeup on a small budget.  She also posts crucial money mistakes that almost everyone makes (and that you can now avoid making!). Angie posts relatively often, and there is always new weekly content for her subscribers.

There you have it! Nine fantastic blogs that can help you adopt the frugal lifestyle you want. By following the many tips and tricks given by these highly experienced YouTubers, saving money will soon come as accessible to you as breathing.

You can use them in all aspects of life simply by adapting them to your unique situation and the circumstances you’re in.

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