Have you ever thought about the power of a snowflake? Imagine a single snowflake. It’s tiny, and if it lands on your warm hand, it will melt quickly. Alone, it is powerless.

But when combined with other snowflakes, a single snowflake is powerful. It can accumulate into inches of beautiful, white snow. You can do a lot of things with several inches of snow. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, ski. A single snowflake won’t give you that ability. But multiple snowflakes will.

It is the same way with snowflakes made of money. (Read the definition of a monetary snowflake here). Five cents here and there won’t do anything. But five cents combined with another five cents…and another…and another…can go far.

It can jumpstart your emergency fund, help you pay off your debt quickly, or boost your retirement savings.

So next time you find an extra five cents, whether it be on the ground, in your pocket, or from something you’ve sold on ebay, don’t mindlessly spend it. Save it and add to it. When enough snowflakes are collected to make an impact, use the money wisely.

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What do you do with your snowflakes?