Since we’ve begun homeschooling, we’ve had more time to explore outside activities for the kids, than we did when they were in public school. In the past, we had only allowed the kids to do one outside activity at a time, in addition to AWANA.

But now that we don’t have homework to contend with, we’ve allowed the kids to pick more activities. And they both picked 4-H.

Our neighbor first suggested 4-H to us, when we adopted our dog, Chloe. She told us that if our daughter joined 4-H, she could participate in the dog training club and basically get a dog obedience course for next to nothing. And it didn’t matter that our dog is a mutt from the pound. 4-H takes all kinds of dogs.

Our daughter decided she was interested, and we signed her up. She had her first dog training session last night, and it went really well! And since 4-H costs only $25 for the entire year in our area, we can’t complain about the cost!

In addition, if my daughter wanted to, she could sign up for more 4-H classes, at no additional cost! There are clubs for beef, knitting, marine science, public speaking, and much, much more! I was not a 4-H kid, so this is all new to me!

We were so impressed with the dog obedience class, that we asked our son if he wanted to sign up for 4-H Adventurers, so he could explore the different areas of 4-H. Since he’s not old enough to participate in the traditional 4-H program, we figured this would be a great way to expose him to different things, so when he hits 4th grade, he can jump right into a regular 4-H club. And the Adventurers club is only $2 a year!

With the high cost of extra-curricular activities these days, we’ve found 4-H to be a high quality, low cost program, where our kids can learn a wide variety of practical skills.

Were you in 4-H? How about your kids? What do you think?

Photo by pamzpix.