I love fall. It’s my favorite season. The weather cools down from the triple digit temperatures of summer, the leaves turn beautiful shades of orange and red, and the aroma of fireplaces warming homes fills the air.

I also like fall, because it brings with it a variety of frugal activities to enjoy as a family.

Play in the Leaves

Playing in piles of raked leaves is always a favorite with the kids. And to tell you the truth, I love it too! Take a running jump and land in the soft pile. Throw them in the air and make it “rain leaves”. Bury yourself up to your neck in leaves. One year we put a big pile of leaves at the bottom of the slide and let the kids slide down into them!

Yes, you usually have to re-rake the leaves when you’re done playing, but it’s a small price to pay for an afternoon of free family fun. Besides, it’s good exercise.

Visit the Pumpkin Patch

You can find farm stands that offer activities for kids in lots of farming communities. The cost for different activities will run a wide range, so call the individual farm stands in advance to compare prices.

Activities at pumpkin patches include wagon rides, corn mazes, and tours of the farm. More elaborate farm stands might offer activities such as pumpkin launches, a hay hill, face painting, and more. We go every year, and our kids always have a great time!

Go to a Ball Game

School has started and with that comes fall sports. Soccer, volleyball, and football are all in full swing right now, and that brings opportunities to cheer on the local team!

High school football games are inexpensive and a great opportunity to hang out with others in your community. But even if you don’t want to pay the price of admittance to a football game, you can watch community games for free.

When is the last time you watched preschoolers play soccer? It’s a blast! And if you head to your local park or YMCA on a Saturday morning this time of year, you’re sure to find a multitude of soccer games! And if football is your thing, how about checking out the middle school team? The kids are glad to have the support, and you’ll be able to see the high school star player…before he’s discovered!

Now that you know some of my favorite things to do in the fall, let me know what you like to do!

Photo by *Mickey.