Spring is in the air, and I can hardly wait for the local produce stands to start opening! There’s nothing like fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies! I’m doing a small container garden this year, where I’ll grow tomatoes and various other plants, but to supplement my homegrown produce, I’ll be looking ot U-Pick farms.

I haven’t been to a U-Pick farm in several years. Before we moved from Roseburg, I used to frequent U-Pick farms every summer. I’d drag my then preschool age daughter to pick strawberries, rasberries, and blueberries at the local farms. We always had a great time!

I like U-Pick farms for several reasons.

  • I’m supporting the local economy.
  • I can pick and choose my fruit, rather than taking my chances on a plastic container of strawberries.
  • In one morning, I can pick enough fruit to last the year. My family LOVES blueberry pancakes!
  • It’s a great experience for the kids.
  • There’s nothing like homemade freezer jam made from rasberries you picked yourself!
  • It’s much less expensive than the $3 pints of berries you find in the grocery store.
  • The fresh berries taste better, too!

I really need to start looking into what U-Pick farms are around here. It’s just about strawberry season!

Have you ever picked your own produce at a farm? Did you enjoy it?

Photo by ChrisDag.