Frugal blogging has increased during recent years. The reason for the popularity of these blogs is simple: they offer practical advice on how to save money.

Frugal blogging has been proven to be very useful and informative for people that want to manage and cut down on their expenses. Nowadays, there are many frugal blogs online that cover all kinds of needs. Some blogs are specific for groceries or hair care. There are even blogs specifically for coupon clipping.

Beyond that, frugality is more of an ethos or a worldview than just a blog topic. If you subscribe to the “frugal life,” then you are thinking outside of the box and living life differently, baby.

Now, even though there are many frugal blogs on the internet, there are some blogs that stand out for their content, usefulness, and just sheer inventiveness.

Let’s see who are the 5 best frugal bloggers out there!


This blog is run by Nate and Liz Thames ( Mr. and Mrs. FrugalWoods). They both follow a strict frugal lifestyle and detail how they’ve reached financial independence.

Some common topics they cover are frugal home improvement, simple living and even some frugal fashion advice.

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The couple posts every week and they usually go in-depth on various frugal life choices and ideas.

Their blog started in 2014, and ever since it has gained major popularity. It has been recognized as one of the best frugal blogs by Forbes and the New York Times.

Taking into consideration that the couple now lives in a rural area, if someone is looking for rural places to live in America, they provide valuable information.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr.Money Mustache or else known as MMM started his blog in 2011. He covers topics such as extreme frugal living techniques, DIY models for money saving but the blog’s main aim is to suggest new ways to live your life without spending so much money.

His writing style is rather entertaining and his blog has also been acknowledged by the Economist.

MMM’s real name is Peter Adeney and he created the blog as a response to his peers in the tech industry who were spending lavishly on nothing. Adeney felt motivated to start a blog and talk about how life can be great without extravagant price tags—”a life that costs around 50-75 % less.”

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In 2019, it was observed that a wide range of topics has been covered in his blog. The blog’s content has also been considered to be very easy and fun to browse—so fun that you will not be able to stop reading one article after another. The best part of this blog is its forum: 32,500 members in combination with at least 2.2 million posts.

The Penny Hoarder

In 2010, Kyle Taylor founded this blog, which he named “The Penny Hoarder”. It has more than 12 million visitors and its purpose is to assist people in living a frugal and stress-free life.

Even though the blog has been characterized as an “exclusive personal finance website”, its content is very useful and practical for every kind of user.

The best part of this blog is the “Smart Money” section. This section focuses on suggesting methods and ways to reduce unnecessary expenses, and adopting a frugal life.

Other useful aspects of this blog are coupons and discounts, personalized financial advice, high-quality articles that are focusing on making money, tips, and advice on parenting, traveling, college, and wellness.

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The Frugal Girl

Founded and ran by Kristen, “The Frugal Girl” is a blog that we always needed. It is a blog that focuses on “cheap” ways to create happiness. It aims to support “cheerfully living on less”.

Frugal Girl writes about things like contentment, simplicity, DIY, and wise spending—even recipes.

Her writing style has been considered very conversational and fun to read. She also adds pictures in her articles, which makes them more entertaining and “pretty to the eye”. The images also help the readers to connect more easily with her and her stories.

Considering that she has 4 children and has been writing in blogs for 10 years, it is obvious that there are many stories on her blog. She posts about 6 times a week and the blog can sometimes feel like a frugal diary, which is great.

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Living Well Spending Less

This blog can make you feel good even if you are in a very bad financial state. It aims to show its readers that they can have a decent and good life while not spending much.

frugal life

Its founder, Ruth, is a frugal mom blogger that decided to start this blog in 2010. Right now, it is considered to be a “large online community” that is visited daily by millions of people.

This blog is focused on proper money management and on frugal lifestyle. Other focus areas of this blog are frugal recipes (money-saving and frugal meals), homemaking tips, and living a budget-friendly lifestyle.

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These blogs represent some of the best of the best of the frugal blogging world. But, we recommend readers to explore all that the frugal writing world has to offer.

Frugality is a popular topic and its importance might be more important than ever in 2020 as economic times become slightly leaner.

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