We all love us a little traveling sometimes, but it’s not often that you can find a companion to travel with you. Although this may mean you’ll have to travel alone, it doesn’t have to leave you feeling miserable.

Traveling abroad solo has been something that many people are now more open to trying, given that you’ll have brand-new experiences to remember. Despite how convenient and fun it may sound, it could seem scary for anyone who’s never done it before.

Thus, if this is your first time traveling abroad solo, you’ll want to be sure to follow through with these seven tips we’ll share with you below.

Not only will these tips keep you safe as you travel, but they may also unlock experiences that you’ve never thought could be possible.

And without further ado, let’s take flight.

Tip 1: Do Your Research Beforehand

Like most travels, you need to be armed with as much research as you can when you’re traveling alone. From finding out the best places to stay to uncovering places to visit, you’ll want to ensure your areas of choice will keep you safe and sound.

Always avoid hotels, hostels, or homestays that seem shady, and scroll through as many reviews as possible.

If you’re a woman traveling alone on a budget, you may consider staying in hostels to save money. Where possible, you’ll want to select hostels that have women-only dormitories, so you’ll sleep soundly at night without worries.

Tip 2: Look Confident Wherever You Go

While traveling alone, you’ll want to look as confident as you can. This helps deter anyone who may be preying on you for looking vulnerable.

Should you feel lost, don’t be afraid to ask anyone working in shops to guide you the right way. You should typically avoid asking people walking around you, as you’ll never know if they may cause you harm.

When walking outdoors, avoid holding a map to indicate that you’re a tourist. Instead, you may consider using the maps on your phone or learn your roads before leaving your hotel room. The key is to look confident wherever you go, and it would become unlikely for you to be a victim.

Tip 3: Leave Your Valuables at Home, Not the Hotel

You may be tempted to break out your expensive jewelry or wear the snazziest shoes on your solo travel, but this only draws negative attention to you.

As such, you’ll want to leave your valuables at home when you’re traveling solo. Try your best to blend in with the locals, so you don’t stand out.

When you’re dressing up for a solo trip, do avoid wearing clothes that can indicate you’re on a vacation. Souvenir shirts are great for your memories, but they can spell out that you’re an easy target.

Tip 4: Don’t Tell Anyone You’re Traveling Alone

It’s always good to tell a white lie while you’re traveling alone. If anyone asks whether you’re on a solo trip, you’ll want to make up a lie by saying you’re traveling with a friend who has gone to the washroom.

Pro Tip: Talk about imaginary traveling partners when you’re asking for directions or mention that you’re meeting someone at your destination.

This wards away anyone who wants to take advantage of your solo situation, as they may be afraid to be confronted by the person you are allegedly meeting.

Tip 5: Travel During the Day

Most tourist attractions often look better in the day anyway, so try to always travel in the day. As night falls, you’ll want to avoid staying outdoors. This is to prevent any unwanted accidents as you’ll never know who could be following you in the dark.

If you’re visiting pubs or clubs for drinks, be sure to watch your drink carefully. Always refuse drinks from strangers and never leave your food and drinks unattended. Trusting your instincts when something feels wrong is always good when it comes to traveling alone.

Tip 6: Keep Local And Personal Emergency Numbers Close

When you’re traveling abroad solo, it’s crucial to keep both the local and personal emergency numbers close. This ensures you’ll always know who to call when an emergency arises or who the authorities can contact in case anything happens to you—more tips on this right here.

You may even choose to set these numbers as your phone screensaver, so you have immediate access to these numbers.

Tip 7: Send Pictures to Family And Friends, But Post Them on Social Media Later

We all live in a world where social media is king, so it’s inevitable to share your travels on social media. However, this may allow crooks to stalk your whereabouts as you’re traveling.

Thus, it’s a good idea to always upload your photos or videos on social media only after you’ve left the said destination.

Beware of including captions that indicate you’re traveling solo, as you don’t want anyone to know you’re on a trip alone.

Instead, you should send those travel pictures to your family and friends immediately. This not only helps them know where you are but could also give them peace of mind as you take on your solo adventures.


In conclusion, being aware of your surroundings and taking caution is key for a great solo trip. While these tips may sound scary, there’s nothing wrong with taking extra precautionary steps.

Image by Iryna Rasko by Shutterstock