Turkey soup is a great way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers!

I don’t know about you, but I always have a ton of turkey left over from Thanksgiving dinner. I plan it that way. After cooking a huge meal on Thanksgiving, I like to relax and eat leftovers for the rest of the weekend.

It helps to have a plan for what to do with your leftovers, so here are a few ideas.

Turkey Wild Rice Soup – I made this soup last year, and my family raved about it! We’re not generally big soup eaters, either, but I give this soup 5 stars!

Turkey Sandwiches – Toast some bread, layer on some turkey, and cover with gravy. Or skip the gravy and add cranberry sauce. It’s up to you. Easy and yummy!

Turkey-Dressing Casserole – Layer dressing and turkey in a casserole dish. Top with gravy. Add some cheese, if you like. Bake until heated through and eat!

Potato PancakesThese are a nice change from your typical pancake breakfast. Make sure to add cheese and bacon for a yummy twist!

Shepherd’s Pie – Though shepherd’s pie is typically made with ground beef, why not try turkey as a meat base? Add some vegetables, if you like, and then top with mashed potatoes and cheese. Bake until the potatoes and cheese are slightly browned. Yum-O!

Broth – Don’t forget to use your turkey bones to boil up a nice broth. Freeze in freezer containers and use in place of chicken broth in recipes.

Do you have a favorite way to use up Thanksgiving leftovers?

Photo by scubadive67.