Now that my husband has been on his new job for a month, I ran the budget against his new income. The results were not good. We can get by, but barely. Fortunately we still have a pretty decent sized emergency fund to cover us until we figure out our next step.

Unfortunately, the new job isn’t going very well. Radio is slowly dying to mp3s and satellite radio, and the economy around here is tanking, so businesses aren’t buying radio advertising. That’s bad news for a guy selling radio advertising.

So we’re at a crossroads. Should my husband look for a new job? Or should he go into business for himself? Or both?

Shannon has a lot of experience in radio, both on air and off. He has a fair amount of experience in newspaper advertising, and even some experience in television. He loves writing ad copy, and quite frankly, he’s pretty good at it. I really think with enough persistence, he could be very successful branching out into freelance copywriting. The question is….do we dare?

So what are your opinions? What are the benefits of working for yourself? The benefits of working for someone else? Is there a clear winner here? Don’t be afraid to comment. Whatever the comments are, we’ll take them into consideration, but we aren’t going to take this decision lightly, and we certainly won’t blame my blog readers if we make a decision that goes bad. :)